Dydine Umunyana
Dydine at the Shine 2017

Dydine Umunyana & Speaking Engagements

For questions about external speaking engagements please contact Dydine's Talent Manager, Aaron Friedman. He can be reached by phone (504) 782 4820 or via email at aaron.friedman@dydine.com.

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Dydine at Cornell University 2018

About Dydine’s Speaking Journey:

For the past 5 years Dydine, a survivor of the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, has dedicated her life to share her story with students, teachers, women interpreters, administrators, historians, universities, Corporates and civic groups nationally. Dydine is one of a few child survivors sharing her personal account of the genocide, domestic violence and PTSD, which affected her family post genocide. Dydine's experiences during the Rwandan Genocide, and growing up in the country after it, offer relevant lessons about the ways in which hate, divisionism and categorization can shape-shift into extreme violence, as well as the importance of preventing such acts before they happen so that no other child will see what she has. 

In 2016 Dydine Umunyana published her memoir, Embracing Survival, which was geared toward young adult readers. Dydine travels all over the country sharing her story and inspiring people from all walks of life.

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Please fill out the form below to submit your request for an external speaking engagement with Dydine. Once we have received your request, you will be contacted by Umbrella Press's Marketing Manager, Aaron Friedman, to discuss the next step in the process. A contract will be required for all external speaking engagements. 


Dydine receives an honorarium plus travel expenses.  Aaron will reach out to you with more details about the honorarium amount and terms. For multiple speaking engagements, separate honorariums will be required for each engagement. 

Dydine's schedule fills quickly, so please submit your request (please see the formbellow) as far in advance as possible.

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