Tyler Hicks


Name: Tyler Hicks

Birthday: August 8th! Leo in the house :)

Social Media Platform: www.instagram.com/tylerhi

Tyler Hicks is a Los Angeles born creative producer who dabbles in curation (of art, people, and ideas), project management, content creation, and event and film production. She's studied at Barnsdall Art Center in Hollywood, CSSSA at CalArts, and the University of Southern California (where she studied International Relations and Fine Arts).

Tyler is interested in finding ways to bring art, social and political movements, design and technological innovation into widespread public awareness. She dreams of expanding the reach of inspiring, intriguing, and forward thinking ideas and people (especially those from marginalized communities). She believes that efforts to reclaim space, effect change and inspire others are what the world needs to see most right now.

Today I had the honor of having a conversation with Tyler, so that she can inspire you as she did inspire me and still does.



Dydine: What was the most challenging moment in your life?

Tyler: Wow. I really had to stop and think about this one... I'd have to say though that the most challenging moment in my life was also the most liberating one - it was the day that I realized that I had to choose whether or not my past, my problems, my traumas etc. were going to keep influencing my present and my future. It was the day I was completely honest with myself - I acknowledged the challenging things I've experienced and decided that it was time to turn them into the fuel I needed to move forward. 

Dydine: How did you face it?

Tyler: I faced it by facing myself... :)

Dydine: How did you overcome it?

Tyler:  By sticking to my decision - reminding myself every day, every time I feel like giving up or wallowing. 

Dydine: What was your survival techniques?

Tyler: Being patient and understanding with myself... and kind to myself. 

Dydine: What were your tools? 

Tyler: Meditation, being outside in nature, my family. Observing and enjoying little things.

Dydine: How did it impact your life?

Tyler:I experienced a bit of a death within myself, which was quickly followed by a new beginning. 

Dydine: What lights up your heart? 

Tyler: Following my dreams, listening to my intuition, looking at the sky, sharing cute videos of piglets and cows with my brother, loving myself and thereby loving others. xx

Dydine: What is your message to all humans?

Tyler: I love you unconditionally.


About the Author: Still in her 20's, Rwandan genocide survivor Dydine Umunyana is the author of Embracing Survival: Genocide and War through the Eyes of a Child. She is the founder of Umbrella Press, a multi-media publishing venture dedicated to giving a voice to the voiceless. Dydine was appointed a youth peace Ambassador in 2013 for the Aegis Trust, an organization dedicated to the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities worldwide. Subsequently, in 2015, she became a Global Mentor for Peace at Serve 2 Unite, an organization that cultivates peace through creative service learning and global engagement. Dydine is committed to establishing a dialogue between people to help them understand their shared histories and cultural differences. Through her writing, public lectures and filmmaking, Dydine’s goal is to pierce the wall of silence that still pervades much of our society.

Spread the word and let everyone know that Human Spirit is strong and good people still exist on this earth. 

See you next Sunday morning with more treats from Dydine!



Dydine Umunyana